You’ve likely heard the term IT consultant before in the business world, but what does that mean exactly? You know IT is short for information technology, but how does one consult on this subject, and why would you need them to?

Understanding IT Consulting

In the technology field, an IT consultant completes the job functions of both a computer tech and a systems analyst. Techs provide more general help, while analysts offer more specialized assistance and a higher-level view of technology issues relating to the IT infrastructure.

An IT consultant takes these job descriptions and roles them into one job for an in-house employee or contractor. IT consultants offer tech support and help employees solve issues with their hardware or software, and they also give advice and serve as a CIO as needed for technology-related business decisions. They also serve as a go-between for the business and customers or clients.

IT infrastructure server

Working with an IT Consultant

When you work with an IT consultant, it’s a collaborative process. You can brainstorm ideas to improve systems and processes, update protocols, or even overhaul your current technology plan to make it more efficient. Consultants are experts in the field of IT, but they can also conduct research and provide their findings when you are making technology decisions for your company.

Your company can either hire an in-house IT consultant, or you can work with a third-party provider that offers outsourced IT consulting. This is a smart option if you can’t afford a full-time IT consultant salary, or you’re not sure if you have a full-time need.

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