EQ Technology Group is a customer-centric information technology company based in Naperville, IL. We specialize in providing top-notch managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our team is passionate about making our customers’ lives easier by managing their day-to-day IT needs.

We have grown since our inception in 2011, but we are still dedicated to providing strong, reliable IT services and support for our customers and their businesses. Our CEO and Founder, Richie Grzyb, attributes our growth to the support of EQ’s loyal customers, with whom our team has built strong working relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Meet Our Team

We have an awesome team of people who are passionate about technology.

Richie Grzyb

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Laguna

Senior Project Manager

Viktor Gadjanski

Technology Executive

Jonathan Dieckman

Logistics Manager

Corinne Giberson

IT Associate

Soumen Mondal

IT Associate

Dennis Sam

Project Lead

Adam Roen

Project Lead

Chamoun David

Team Lead

Joseph Felker

Team Lead

Julian Laguna

Team Lead

Matthew Siebert

Team Lead

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