Our expert team is ready to help you manage and protect your data by putting a plan into action that includes regular backups, data recovery (also referred to as disaster recovery), and implementing security measures to keep you safe. 


Data Backup

As a business, you not only need a backup strategy in place but you also need to follow through with it. With human error being the top cause of data loss, having a regular backup schedule is important to keep your data safe and secure. If your data is backed up on a regular basis, the risk of data loss occurring is minimized. 


Data Recovery

Data recovery is an alternative way to recover your data when it is lost or inaccessible to you using your normal methods. This plays an important role especially for small to midsize businesses as they are the most affected by data loss. Being unprepared for data loss, even if it’s caused by accident, can be detrimental and often times ends in a business closing their doors for good. 

Not only do you save face with your customers and clients, you save your reputation, staff time, money, and countless hours spent worrying and stressing over something that most likely could have been prevented with extra cautionary steps in place.

Having a data recovery plan is essential to keeping your business operations running on an optimal level. Don’t leave your data open to an unnecessary loss, put a data recovery plan into place now before it’s too late.


Data Security

Data security encompasses the measures you take to keep your data safe through virus and malware protection, company policies regarding how the data is handled and stored, as well as, your data backup and recovery plans. 

Whether you have protection software installed on each device or one that covers your entire network, it’s important to invest in software that will protect your data from corruption due to cyber attacks or suspicious sites. 

In the event of a data breach or loss, our team will have you back up and running as quickly as possible and back to business as usual. Trust EQ to help make your business more productive, efficient and secure. Contact our team of experts to discuss how

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