With EQ managing your IT needs, work smarter not harder. Learn how our client-focused team will design and deliver our services for your business to increase productivity and decrease downtime. Contact our team of IT experts today to talk about how we can help you run your business more efficiently.

Data Backups & Security

Our expert team is ready to help you manage and protect your data by putting a plan into action that includes regular backups, data recovery (also referred to as disaster recovery), and implementing security measures to keep you safe. In the event of a data breach or loss, our team will have you back up and running as quickly as possible and back to business as usual.

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Disconnect / Reconnect

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your tech or you’re just moving to a new location, trust our team of experts to make your transition run seamlessly. We will handle breaking apart your workstations and setting them back up along with installing the proper cable management and dressing, and if we’re upgrading your tech, you can be sure that we will recycle your old equipment so that you don’t have to.

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Workstation Maintenance

Downtime results in lost productivity and revenue. Instead of always being reactive to tech-related issues, take a proactive approach. Let our team improve the efficiency and reliability of your servers and workstations by maintaining and managing them for you.

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Remote Support

Get back to what matters quicker with remote tech support. When an on-site visit isn’t needed, we’re here to talk you through IT issues over the phone or by remoting-in to your computer.

On-Site Support

When remoting-in isn’t an option, you can rest easy knowing your team of dedicated tech experts will be on-site and have you up and running in no time.


Networking is more than just managing and maintaining your network. With EQ, we also design and construct your infrastructure to meet your business needs.

Asset Management

Losing track of your assets can cause a multitude of issues and risks including non-compliance, security threats, unnecessary downtime, and avoidable costs. Our team of experts will not only track your assets, but will also manage them throughout their lifecycle. With EQ by your side, you can confidently reclaim your IT assets and return to focusing on your business.

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