One thing that no business owner likes to think about is a disaster, but unfortunately, it is something you need to plan for. That’s why having a disaster recovery plan in place is imperative, especially when it comes to your technology.

What is IT Disaster Recovery?

IT disaster recovery is a security measure put in place that protects your business in the event of a serious malfunction or cyber attack. It allows your company to maintain or quickly resume functionality soon after a disaster occurs.

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A disaster can be anything that poses a risk to your company. This includes failing equipment, cyber attacks, human error, and natural disasters. With an IT disaster recovery plan in place, you can continue to work as normally as possible, even when your IT infrastructure is comprised.

Why is IT Disaster Recovery Important?

It can be challenging to justify paying for something that might happen in the future. You may be wondering, “Well can’t we just take our chances? Maybe disaster will never strike!”. While this is technically true, you run the risk that your business could shut down while you deal with the significant issue if disaster does strike.

Depending on the severity, you may have to suspend operations from a day to even a few weeks or months. You might even have to replace equipment, so when you compare those costs and the effect they will have on your business to the cost of having an IT disaster recovery plan in place, it makes sense to make the investment.

Creating an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Another reason some small businesses might be hesitant to put an IT disaster recovery plan in place is that they simply don’t have the bandwidth. If you don’t have an internal IT professional or your IT department is stretched thin, adding more work may not be an option.

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Working with a managed IT services provider allows you to work with outsourced IT professionals to create a tailored IT disaster recovery plan for your business. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that in the event of a disaster, your company and your IT infrastructure are protected.


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