WannaCry Ransomware

There has been a massive ransomware known as “WannaCry” that began on Friday, May 12th. The attack began in Europe and quickly moved across the world infecting over 200,000 computers in 150 different countries. There’s a lot of articles out there here and here and a bunch of other news outlets talking about the ransomware, what you should know and also how to remove it. Since EQ Technology Group uses ESET for all of our computers, servers and also our Managed IT Services client’s computers and servers as well, we have not had to remove the ransomware ourselves, but it has been something that we’ve been following just in case.

In addition to having a quality anti-virus program installed, we strongly recommend that you also make sure you do the following:

– Update to the latest Windows operating system with all necessary security updates and patches. Simply run Windows Update and you can protect yourself against the exploit.

– Ensure that your anti-virus is completely up to date with all of the latest virus database signatures installed.

– Do not open any attachments sent to you in emails from unknown senders. We also recommend that you avoid opening any attachments that you are suspicious about until you follow up with the sender to ensure that they actually sent the attachment and that it is in fact not infected.

If you are a small or medium sized business and are requiring assistance with removing the ransomware from your workstations and/or server, reach out to us ASAP to schedule an EQTG technician to your place of business. We can be reached at 630-590-9998 or at sales .*@*. eqtechgroup.com