Creating a culture of cybersecurity at work is more important than ever these days. Since so much business is conducted online and over wifi networks, having protection in place keeps your company’s data and proprietary information secure. That’s why two-factor authentication (2FA) is becoming more of a requirement.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is also known as two-step verification. This security measure requires two means of identifying yourself before gaining access to an online account, such as email or an intranet.

There are numerous options when it comes to two-factor authentication. One of the most common is to use a password as well as a code that gets texted to you. Other second steps include a PIN, security questions, a zip code, or even biometrics like face, eye, or fingerprint scans.

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Why Use Two-Factor Authentication?

Cybercriminals are becoming more advanced, and data breaches are much more prevalent. That’s why simply having a password is no longer secure enough. With 2FA, a cyber hacker would need your password and phone or intimate knowledge of your life (to answer security questions). This extra identification creates an additional layer of protection, which is especially important when you have sensitive data like company and client contact information on your devices.

Many online platforms offer built-in two-factor authentication. There are also apps available that provide 2FA. We suggest making two-factor authentication a requirement for your company in order to keep data as secure as possible.

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