An IT support company helps manage all aspects of the technical requirements your business needs. It’s our job to fix immediate problems, plan ahead to prevent future problems, and  help during a transition.

What We Do – At a Basic Level:

There are a number of things our team at EQ Technology Group can handle to keep your operations running.

  • Our pros will fix any hardware or software faults that  appear on your computers or network. This can be done remotely or on location.
  • We’ll help answer any technical questions you have about any of your IT services.
  • We know how to assist in the transition of moving offices or upgrading current IT equipment.
  • We ensure all your data is backed up to prevent downtime.
  •  Our team will test all your equipment to confirm it’s working to industry standards.

EQ  works hard to solve all your IT problems as quickly as possible. We understand that time is money, so the quicker your operations are back up and running, the better.

What We Do – At an Advanced Level

This is where we dive deeper into your business needs and work alongside you to prevent issues from happening.

  • We’ll work with you to plan ways to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.
  • We’ll help you develop a disaster recovery plan to keep your operations up and running.
  • We provide cloud backups of all your important data.
  • Our services include advanced network security options.
  • We handle all aspects of infrastructure management.
  • We manage all your assets so you don’t have to.

IT Support Company

Our IT support staff is always on hand to help you and your company keep operations running  as smoothly as possible. We work with a range of businesses, so no matter what industry you’re in, we offer  a suite of services that will work best for you and your business.

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