As EQ Technology Group Grows, so Does Our Website

EQ Technology Group is a Naperville-based technology company that launched in 2011. Since its inception, the company has gone through many changes and periods of growth, from company culture to mission statement, marketing and brand awareness, and the services we offer or clients.

Because technology changes so quickly, we’ve made it a priority to keep up with the times as evolve at the same pace in order to accommodate our clients with the best possible services in the areas of:

The Importance of a Quality Website

For example, we understand the importance of a strong web presence and quality website, which is why our own company website has undergone two redesigns in the past 6 years. We constantly look at what is happening in our industry and adjust accordingly, so we can stay competitive and so we can best serve others. If we don’t have a great website that sparks interest, how can you trust us to build you a great website, right?

EQ Technology Group website version 1

EQTG Website Version 1

When EQTG first started, founder and CEO Richie Gryzb launched a simple website in order to  get information out onto the web and to provide a way for people to get in contact with the company. There wasn’t much done in the way of SEO or content development in the beginning.

EQ Technology Group website version 2

EQTG Website Version 2

As EQTG began to grow, we needed a better way to explain to people who we were and to draw attention to our services, so our second website was launched in 2013. This updated site provided more information and details about each service offered and a company blog section to keep people up to date with the happening of the company.

EQ Technology Group website version 3

EQTG Website Version 3

As we know, time continues to move things along, and in 2016, the time came again for a revamped website. With this update, a responsive website was a top priority. We also began promoting the company more on social media channels, developing strategies to increase engagement.

EQ Technology Group website version 4

EQTG Website Version 4

Once again, a few years passed, and the website needed another round of updating. We introduced the world the version four of EQTechGroup [dot] com. We focused a lot of attention of attention of the design and layout, knowing that we’d also want room to grow and the ability to continue adding new content.

Website Design and Development Services

If you’d like to learn more about the growth of EQ Technology Group or our services, please feel free to contact us online or give us a call.